A snippet of a good relationship!

Walking through South Coast Plaza, a mall aesthetically pleasing enough that I will actually voluntarily go there, I noticed an interaction in a couple that was so telling.

They were old enough that their children are probably out of the nest or close to it–not willing to put a number on that age as it evokes so much judgment!

As they strolled down the walkway hand in hand, he said to her, “It’s a nice mall. I can see why you like it.”

Why did I get the warm fuzzy about this? It was such a simple, lovely acknowledgement of his wife as someone with tastes of her own. He didn’t have to react to it or like it himself, but he was aware enough of her universe that he could see things through her eyes. And he was willing to acknowledge it verbally.

Nice, very nice!

Who could you do this for in your life today?

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