Haven’t you always known more was possible?

Haven’t you always known that more was possible?  Were you one of those kids who always wanted to push the box and find out what was on the other side? Was the best way to motivate you to tell you that something couldn’t be done, so you’d be sure to find out a way to do it?

You’re my kind of person!  My entire professional life has been devoted to inviting people to explore what else might be possible and sharing with them tools that would enable them to find it, create it, and have it for themselves.  All of the tools presented throughout this site are aimed at inviting you to find out what really is possible.  What if it was much more than you were taught or told, more than you ever believed was possible, and your choices could create it?

I have designed this website as a treasure hunt for you, where you can find tools–some free, some requiring a financial investment in you–to create beyond what you assumed was possible.  I hope you enjoy the exploration.

Inviting people to discover what else is possible beyond the limitations of what they and others always assumed was unchangeable truth has been my life’s work, in many fields.

As a therapist with emotionally disturbed children, I showed children that the caring and nurturing and understanding that they sought were possible.

As a chiropractor, I invited people to new possibilities with their bodies.  What if your body could heal itself?  How could you best unlock those healing capacities?  What if there were an alternative to looking at your body from the medical model, in which it’s a machine destined to break down with age and require “repairs” with dangerous chemicals and drastic surgery?  She suggested choices in how people treat their bodies and in the kind of health and lifestyle that result.

Though I was quite successful in my beautiful Victorian office in Ashland, OR, I felt that I was in a box.  I knew more was possible to change people’s lives. I knew it involved energy, I knew she could do it.  I just had no idea what on earth it was.

I sold my chiropractic practice in Ashland, my family and I moved to Findhorn Spiritual Community in northern Scotland (brrr…), and I returned to the U.S. to live outside of San Francisco, the workshop capital of the world, heaven for a workshop junkie like me.

In 2002, Access Consciousness turned up in my life.  From the first morning of the first class, it was clear to me that this was a different way of being in the world.  Although my life was already great, living with a great husband and a great kid in a great place, I sensed that Access Consciousness offered a whole new way of being in the world. Energetically, I raised my hand and said,”Sign me up!”  I’ve been sharing the phenomenal tools of Access Consciousness with other seekers like myself all over the world ever since.

What more is possible for you?  If you’d like to know, I have some phenomenal, simple, easy to use, and dynamically effective tools that can assist you in finding out.

Here’s just one sample, the mantra of Access Consciousness:  All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory!  If you say that 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night, your life will change!  If you use it, she’d love to hear what happens, so please share!

Are you curious?  Would you like more of what I’m having, what allows me to travel the world and create a life I knew was possible, but never managed to create before?  I would love to keep you in the loop.  All you have to do is sign up here and I’ll send you a newletter monthly, full of tips and tools that can transform your life with ease.  As a special gift, I’ll send you a fun free video every day, sharing how I’ve used these tools to make my life ease, joy, and glory, and how you can use them too!