About Dr. Kacie Crisp


Dr. Kacie Crisp is the author of The Little Black Book on Relationships about her 30 year relationship with her husband, David Caddy. She and David  have presented classes on relationships all over the world. Several of these classes are available under “specialty classes” on the website, www.accessconsciousness.tv.

She has facilitated classes all over Europe, the USA, and Australia. In addition to the Access Consciousness core classes (Bars and Foundation), she is one of four original  facilitators of the Access Consciousness 3 Day Body Class.

She was the first to bring the Access Consciousness Core Classes and others to Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, Russia, and South Africa. A longtime resident of Mill Valley, CA, she now relaxes in Belize when she’s not traveling to teach classes.

 Some of the topics on which she can present workshops varying from an evening to a 3 days include:

  • How to Get the Relationship You Really Want!
  • What you’ve been looking for is guaranteed NOT to get you what you really want! And how you can find it!
  • How to turn past “relationship failures” into future successes
  • How to know what you’re really looking for, and how to recognize it when you find it
  • Three traps to avoid if you would like this relationship to last
  • What to do to be sure he or she will be yours forever

In addition to classes on relationships, she presents classes on creating ease and joy in your body, as well as with money.

Her past community-wide service includes many yeasrs as a memeber of Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon, including serving as President of the State Board and leadership of a Rotary International Group Study Exchange to Curitiba, Brazil.

In addition to  her California, Oregon, and Belize Chiropractic Licenses, she has also been licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor in California, Massage Therapist in Florida, and Real Estate Salesperson in both Florida and California.

She is a graduate of New College in Sarasota, FL (B.A.); California State University in Fullerton, CA, (M.A.); Life Chiropractic College West (Doctor of Chiropractic); and Sarasota School of the Natural Healing Arts.  In addition she has studied 600+ graduate hours in neurology.

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