Are past lives interfering with your present relationship?

  • Do you find yourself subject to unexplainable bursts of anger in relationships?
  • Do you feel you cannot ever find someone as wonderful as the soulmate you’re looking for?
  • Do you have trouble feeling really close to the person you’re in relationship with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance there’s an entity—a being with personality just like us, only not in a body at the moment—in your body, keeping you from having the relationship you’re looking for.


How so?


Unexplained, inexplicable bursts of anger—when you feel almost like you’re watching someone else get angry, only that person’s acting it out in your body with the words coming out of your mouth—are one sign that you might have more company occupying your body than you’ve counted on.


There’s a couple possible sources of this acting out.  One is what is called “original occupants.”  Basically, this is a leftover from a “walk-in” situation.  Walk-in is a way of getting a body without going through the birth and diapers process.  Walk-ins occur when a disembodied being finds someone who has a body they’re not really interested in occupying.


Someone who says they want to die, will die, or are afraid they’ll die in effect puts a “for rent” sign up on their body.  A passing soul can decide it’s cute enough to occupy and sashay on in.  Beware—if this applies to you, it’s an irrevocable decision.  Once you decide “I’m out of here,” you’re out of here.  You cannot reclaim that body because the rule with walk-ins is “the last one in wins.”


Longing for your lost inner child is futile.  That being that you were must find another body.  They can become another walk-in if they wish, or they could occupy another body at birth.  What they cannot do is return to the body they used to occupy.  It just doesn’t work that way!


But what does this have to do with those angry outbursts in your relationships today?  Plenty, as it turns out.  When those being leave your body, they tend to leave a part of themselves behind—what we call an “original occupant.”  Those original occupants remain the age they were when the next being came in.


So if the doctor told your parents “I don’t expect this baby to live,” and you left, there’s an inner two year old still left in your body.  It can throw tantrums like any two year old and you like parents can be wondering what in the hell the fuss is all about!  That’s one way the unexplained anger from entities can be ruining your relationships now.


In addition to the vestiges of original occupants, other entities can have a mind of their own in your body as well.   Using drugs—recreational  such as marijuana or cocaine or even prescription drugs if they’re mind-altering such as Prozac, Zoloft, and other “psychiatric” type drugs—can invite entities into your body as well.


Some of these entities can actually specialize in anger, leading to the same bemused experience of you as witness of your own behavior.  If you experience angry outbursts in which you wonder what you are doing, then either a walk-in situation or co-habitation of your body by another type of entity is quite likely.


Fortunately, it is relatively simple to clear your body of these invaders.  Any licensed Access Consciousness facilitator can do it.  As a licensed facilitator since 2003, as well as the ghost writer (really!) of Shannon O’Hara’s book Talk to the Entities, I can do it for you with some straightforward questions in an individual session.  These entity situations are extremely individual so clearing them in a group situation can be difficult; it’s better done one on one.


In my next post, I’ll talk about more ways that past lives can interfere with our present loves.  Stay tuned!

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