Relationships: Are you looking for a happy ending?

I love happy endings! I love it when the guy gets the girl, and when the couple that was just meant to be together ends up that way.

Working with people on issues around relationships, I know it so often doesn’t happen that way. But boy, do I love it when it does!

Ironically, this expectation that it must end happily because it must–because we want it to, because Disney never has a sad ending, because we’ve decided it should–is one of the hugest obstacles to actually living a happy ending.

Or would you rather have a happy adventure without a sell-by date? (Just a question!)

That tendency to assume the ending has to be happy cause we so want it to be is one of the relationship traps my husband David and I were trying to invite you to avoid with the relationship do “Live in the present.”

When you meet someone, do you fly forward into planning the future on your third date? Or do you look at who you’re really with (another do!) and notice how the relationship is honestly working right now? If it’s fun and working for you now, THAT is the best predictor of whether it will work in the future.

My husband David and I discuss all 6 Dos and 6 Don’ts in our tele call series of 6 calls. Here’s a sample–90 minutes of information about making a relationship work, info you won’t get anywhere else.

You can get the recording of all six here.  Click here now! Then you can unlock the secrets of what’s kept you from having the happy ending you’re hoping for.

And if you’d like to see a happy ending on screen, I so recommend Time Again. David and I saw it last night and we both loved it!

If you’d like to see the trailer of the movie, here’s the link:

P.S.  The recording was made some time ago, when we had the website  I have now combined everything that was on that website and more into this website.


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