Are your past lives interfering with your present relationships?

If you have not been successful in creating the relationship you’d really like to have, could your past lives be getting in the way?

This can happen in a number of ways.  One way is through all the promises you made in all your past lives.  Even today, most marriage ceremonies include the promise to be together “till death do you part.”  The difficulty with this is that do you as an infinite being actually die?  That promise stays with you the being lifetime after lifetime.

When you see someone across a crowded room and you say, “I have to have him (or her)!”  there’s a good chance that’s someone you made such a promise to. Stacking the odds further against us is the number of promises we make in each lifetime.

Say you promised to follow a king in his lifetime, including to kill or die for him.  That promise follows you forever, too.  You may not know any kings this lifetime, but it’s quite likely you have come across someone who was a monarch you swore allegiance to in some lifetime!  You could even misidentify the “magnetic attraction” or “electricity” you feel with them due to these past life promises as the “chemistry” that could create a lasting relationship.  But do you really wish a relationship in which you kill or die for “your love?”

To rid yourself of these past commitments, you can ask for all the oaths, vows, swearings, promises, and commitments you made to that person (or any person) in any lifetime, and destroy and uncreate them.  (To destroy and uncreate breaks the ties more dynamically than merely destroying them, because destroy and uncreate have a slightly different energy even though the meaning may appear the same.)

A second way that past lifetimes can affect and even sabotage your present relationships is if you have a twin flame connection with someone.  A twin flame is an entity that is actually in your body.  It’s like a Romeo and Juliet situation—you promised to be together forever, with results like those described above.

The difficulty with this is that current lovers will feel a sense of distance or “second best” from you, which is their way of perceiving the presence of that second being to which you are pledged that’s sharing your body with you.  Although they may not have been aware that they signed up for a ménage-a-trois, somewhere in their being they will sense it is happening and have difficulty feeling as connected to you as they would like to be.

Ridding yourself of this extra lover is a choice you have, and not everyone who is aware of it chooses to say goodbye.  It could be difficult for your present relationship to survive the stress of the extra passenger, though.

One option you have in this situation is to ask the love of your past life to come back to you in this life IN a body.  You can direct them to the nearest hospital where there’s someone who would like to leave their body and ask them to enter that body.  You can even specify the sex and age range you would like your returning lover to assume.  Do you think the sex you shared might improve if you both had bodies to enjoy?

A third way that past lives can affect your current relationships is through secret agendas.  Do you remember every past life you ever had?  No?  How about every decision you made in this lifetime?  Also no?  That is due to the way you set an agenda or made a decision and then made it secret.  This secrecy even included secrecy from yourself.  No matter how you try to undo this limitation or negativity, it’s really tough to change what you cannot find or identify.

There is an easy way out, however.  You can simply ask for all the secret agendas related to the topic that’s limiting you, and again, destroy and uncreate them all.  For example, you could ask for all the secret agendas you have related to sex, and destroy and uncreate them all.  These secret agendas never work in your favor, by the way—you won’t be clearing your sexual pleasures, just the judgments and decisions that are keeping you from enjoying them as much as you could.

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