Be careful what you ask for….

There’s a saying that if you’d like to see God laugh, tell him your plans.

David found this out early in our relationship.  At the time, he was living with a woman who was 41,and he was 26.  Her biological clock wasn’t ticking, it was thudding.  He went off for the summer, asking to have an affair with “a younger woman.”

That turned out to be me!  I am older than he is….but younger than his former partner is.  The moral of the story is be careful what you ask for cause you might get it.  And as he learned, being very specific is good.

I got a humorous reminder of this from someone on my telecalls.

The participant wrote me,

“You know I desired a date?

well- the universe demonstrated its sense of humor

when people come to me for a shamanic journey, I ask them to bring a gift for my ‘helpers’

one girl turned up with fruit, nuts, and TWO DATES!!!
How does it get even better than that?…2 dates in one week, this stuff is magic!!

How DOES it get even better?  Two funny posts in two days1  How did you get so lucky?

Comments?  Questions?  I would love to see them!

Dr. Kacie Crisp

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