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You can go directly to my current schedule, showing where and when I am presenting which classes, here.

You can watch me in action, with samples of most of the classes I facilitate, in this 6 minute video.

As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (since 2003!) I offer the Access Consciousness Core Classes: Bars (a one day class) and Foundation, a four day intensive that will change your life. Both of these classes have a wealth of tools that can enable you to transform any area of your life which is not working as you would like it to.  If investing five days to change your life is not an option for you right now, shorter classes on subjects such as Money, Body Healing and Body Image, Relationships, and others are also available, for an evening, a day, a weekend.  Contact me to see what might be possible in your area.

Here’s what one woman said after doing 8 days, Bars through 3 Day Body Class with me:


Here’s a video of me inviting you to my classes:

Here’s an invitation in Dutch and English to join me for the life changing experience of Foundation.

Since 2011, I have also been offering the 3 Day Body class.  I was one of the original 4 facilitators of this class  world-wide.

In addition, I am a certified faciltator of the Access Consciousness Specialty Class, Right Voice for You.  Right Voice is about expressing who you are n the world, free of the fear of others’ judgment.  If you had no fear of what others would do or say about who you are or what you do, how much greater could you your life be?  How much fun could you have finding out?  Right Voice for You is an intensive 3 Day class, and introductory versions which are shorter can also be offered.

Here’s a video of me inviting you to join me for Right Voice for You.

You can see testimonials from those who have participated in my classes on the testimonials pages.

Since 2011, I have also been offering the 3 Day Body class.  I was one of the original 4 facilitators of this class  world-wide.  The body processes, unique to Access, which are presented in this class have the potency to change anything happening in the body, for those willing to receive it.

(Of course, due to the medical domination of our thinking and our economy, I have to say that it’s not a substitute for proper attention from your M.D.)

I can also say that I personally know people who have used the methods taught in this three day class to heal various cancers, Parkinson’s and other diseases considered “incurable” by typical medical providers.