Creating Ease with Money

People often speak about desiring abundance, as they try to move into a more positive relationship with money.  I wonder if it’s abundance (however that’s defined) that they really desire, or is it ease with money, whatever that looks like for them?    Does the amount of money you have really matter, as long as you are comfortable and don’t spend a lot of time worrying about money?  What if everything that happens to you with regard to money was just an interesting point of view?

Travelling the world, I have conducted dozens of workshops on money.  I usually ask if anyone in the class learned anything useful about money from their parents, and the answer is invariably no.  I have met only two exceptions.  Both of these were men, and neither of them could say what their parents taught them about money in words; it was just an energetic sense that everything would be handled without their having to worry about it.

Most of us have experience abuse in many areas.  (I define abuse as any area in which those around you did not recognize you for the infinite potent being you really have always been.)  For me, monetary abuse was the most severe kind of abuse I suffered.  I have spent much of my life studying and learning about how to have money with ease, in contrast to the insane and limiting messages I grew up with.  My own experience makes me especially good at detecting where you are creating the same limitations.

As always, what I have learned in this journey can be a gift to you, as whatever limitation you are experiencing with money, I have likely experienced it myself and learned and developed multiple tools to change it.

I have recordings of classes on money in various languages and various lengths available for download.

Here’s a short testimonial about how an evening on relationships totally changed a woman’s professional life:

In English:

1 Day  Getting Clear on Money
(presented in Israel with some Hebrew translation)

Half day   Getting Clear on Money
presented in Bangalore, India, in American English

Two hour introduction to Getting Clear on Money
(presented in Michigan)

Evening class on money, livestreamed on video from


Bilingual classes:

Romanian/Englis evening (video)

Hungarian/English evening (recording)


1 Day class French/English
includes second bonus class of me speaking French alone!