Dreaming of a relationship that really works?

Everyone dreams of having a relationship, but how many people have one that actually works?

If you have a relationship and it’s miserable, you’re miserable, your partner is miserable, or your children are miserable, what’s the point? Yet 90% of people would
rather have a relationship, any relationship, rather than be alone. What’s that about?

The work of my husband, David Caddy (yes, that Caddy, son of the founders of the spiritual community Findhorn in Scotland) and I is about empowering you to find a relationship that works for YOU!

That doesn’t mean one that looks like the movies–in fact, it probably won’t! That idealized image is one of the biggest obstacles to creating a relationship here on earth with real living people (not actors and actresses) that really works.

One surprising fact that comes up again and again is that many people who think they want a relationship, long for one, do everything they can to create one, actually don’t want one. How can you know if that applies to you?

Here’s a tool! If something is true, it will feel lighter when you say it or think about it. If it’s a lie for you, it will feel heavy. Here’s another tool: when you say or think truth before asking a question, the person HAS to tell you the truth or what they say will clunk on the floor so obviously everyone in the room will know they’re lying.

So try this: Truth, do you really desire a relationship? Is it heavy or light?

I also recommend living not by making one decision for all time, but by making choices in 10 second increments. The answer that comes up for you is the truth for this 10 seconds.

If your answer was no, it COULD be that what you really (perhaps wisely) do not want is a relationship like that ideal movie scene cause you’re smart enough to know it doesn’t work when the cameras quit rolling! What if your no could turn to yes if some other options for relationships were explored?

My blogs here, as well as my radio appearance on spiritually raw at 9:45 EDT Monday, September 26, will give you some surprising amazing and unique opportunities to look at what else is possible. That talk will focus specifically on entities–yes, you can actually have entities (otherwise known as ghosts) from past lives IN YOUR BODY creating havoc with your current relationships. In the show, I’ll talk about how to identify them, how to get rid of them, how to get them to come to you in physical form in this lifetime if they’re your real soul mate and much much more!

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