Embracing your body

“If you treated your dog like you treat your body, your dog would have run away a long time ago,” my friend Gary Douglas has said.

How DO you treat your body?  Do you treat it with gratitude and appreciation for all that it makes it possible for you to do?  Or do you constantly criticize and judge it for everything you think it should be that it’s not?

Patients used to tell me all the time what was wrong with their bodies.  “I need 4 more inches on my thighs.”  (She meant in length so she was taller, not in circumference!)  “I haven’t shaved my legs recently.” (That as I looked at their feet to do a diagnostic foot check.)

What if everything you think is wrong with your body is a judgment?  How do you feel when you’re judged?  Do you think your body, which is as conscious as you are, feels any different?  Did you know that the very judgment you are sure is true is the biggest obstacle to changing what you would like to change in your body?

In Gestalt therapy (which I don’t practice, I just remember this one useful concept), they call it the paradoxical theory of change.  In order to change something, you must first acknowledge its existence.  My friend Blossom Benedict once said that once you acknowledge something, that’s 90% of the way towards changing it.

  • Would you like to start the journey towards changing your body by stopping your judgments of it? 

  • Are these questions a new way of thinking about your body? 

  • Have you been looking for something different in dealing with your body, without knowing what it is?

Then this class is for you!  It’s a zoom series, meaning we can see each other and interact, from wherever we are in the world.  No airplanes, no travel expenses, no interruption of your life at home (except for a new ability to change what you’d like to change!) How does it get even better than that?

The class live on zoom starts Wednesday, February 5.  It’s much more fun when you can be on live, and if that’s not convenient or if you’re reading this later, it’s all recorded and available for play and replay as much as you like.

Here’s the link to sign up.  I hope to see you there!