How to Create a Love You Won’t Have to Die for This Lifetime!

Have you ever seen anyone across a crowded room and thought or known, “I have to have him!” or “I have to have her!”

That is a “dead” giveaway that you’re seeing someone you made a promise to in another lifetime. Could they be that soul mate you’re looking for?  Yes, but please don’t count on it until you’ve read the rest of this article!

When we marry someone, even today when we should know better, we still promise “till death do us part.”  The catch is, does an infinite being ever die?  No!  So that promise floats out there in the ethers until you encounter them again.

The difficulty is that what else remains is all your other promises–when you swore loyalty to Richard the Lionhearted whenever he lived, when you swore revenge on another king’s enemies, when you swore to always or never do anything.  See how it works?

That promise is also still binding you, and it shows up as that zing of recognition across a crowded room.  The trap is that zing is so electric and exciting that we often misidentify and misapply it as “true love” or “finding my soulmate.”  That might not be your best choice.

I can hear all your soul-mate seekers protesting as I write this.  The soul-mate conversation is a topic for another post.  For those of you determined to reconnect with lovers from past lives, let me just say this: would you be better off duplicating that past relationship, or would you like to create something potentially newer and better that reflects who you are now?

If you suspect that being in the present would be a more rewarding choice, here’s how you do it:  just rescind revoke recant renounce denounce destroy and uncreate ALL your past oaths, vows, swearings, promises, and commitments from all life times, now.

(If you want you could add the Access Consciousness clearing statement, right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds–that will clear those commitments on many additional energetic levels.  Try it out and see if you can feel the difference.)

Does this mean you can’t have the love you had before?  NO!  It just means you won’t be bound by other promises to die for each other, kill for them, follow them into battle, revenge their deaths etc.

Would you like to hear more about this live? You can!  I’m going to talk about entities and past lives and how they sabotage our present relationships on internet radio tomorrow at 6:45 Pacific time, 9:45 NY time.  Check for the time near you.  Go to this link.

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