Love hurts?

My wonderfully talented nephew Andrew Hinton took this someplace on his travels.  Out of the mouth of babes–or taggers?

Does love hurt you?  Is that your point of view, conscious or unconscious?  The thing is, if you believe it, it will become true because your thoughts and points of view create your reality, not the other way around.  If it rings true to you, or if it makes you smile or mad to think about it, that’s a good indication that it IS your point of view.  Has it been showing up?  That’s another indication it IS your point of view.

Did you know there are tools that can change that?  Lots of them are available here!  Almost every post on this blog site has a little tool you can use, a different way of looking at things,,something that can allow you to create something different in your relationships.  What would it take for you to use them, and share them with your friends?

I’d love to hear your questions on the subject, as reponses to this blog, or on my facebook page, Relationships Made Easy!  What do you know?  What questions do you have?

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