Moving beyond your medical diagnosis even in COVID19 times

Medical programming is dominating the world at the moment, with just plain incorrect information about COVID-19, as well as conclusions and policies based on the medical model, which includes many many assumptions which are not correct.

When you buy a lie, the issue about which you buy a lie becomes something you can never get free of.  Towards that end, I have provided a free zoom busting some of the lies of corona virus.

After this video was made, some indications by medical sources more reputable on the subject than Mr. Trump came out suggesting chloroquine, the malaria drug, could actually be helpful for corona virus.  Those studies have been stopped because so many of the people in the study developed potentially life-threatening heart disorders. For some the side effect was death.


Here’s the link to the zoom call.

Meeting Recording:


The recordings below examine generically, years before we’d heard of corona, the shortcomings of medical thinking. This is available a a four call tele series .(link coming soon).

Here are two videos of a version I did several years earlier on youtube.