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What works for you? What areas of your life would you like to change?  Chances are good I have something that would facilitate this in a form that works for you. Here’s a sample of me in action in many of the classes I offer, in this 6 minute video.

Some of the areas of expertise in which I have coached and taught others over the last 30 years include:

Bodies and health:  What if you could enjoy your body just as it is?, and what else is possible?  Using the tools offered in all my classes tends to make everything that’s been bothering you about your body shift, sometimes before you know it.  What if it was about enjoying the body you have, instead of waiting and hoping to make it perfect.  Wouldn’t that be more fun?

In addition, I have been studying natural healing since I was in college many years ago and have a wide spectrum of knowledge on natural ways to deal with particular health challenges.

Money:  Money is one of the life challenges that has changed the most since I have been doing Access. Whatever limitation you may have relative to money, I have dealt with it also! And, I have ways to change it.  How does it get even better than that?

Relationships.  I am the author of The Little Black Book on Relationship, about my 30 year relationship with my wonderful husband David Caddy, which includes more insights and new ways of looking at things that you might get in many many long seminars.

The tools of relationship I use apply not only to heterosexual couples, but to all kinds of relationships in families, work, and friendships.

How to access this information:  I offer half-day to 3 day long seminars on all of the above topics, as well as one-on-one sessions.  I provide recordings of all of these so you can listen to them again at your leisure.  You might be amazed at what you hear the second or third time.  I have offered classes around the world, from most parts of the U.S. to most countries in Europe, to Turkey, India, South Africa, and Russia. You can find pre-recorded classes in those languages in the links in the paragraph below.

I also offer pre-recorded classes on all of the above subjects, in English of course but also French, Turkish, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian, in increments of one to six different sessions.

You can have a sample of these tools and how I have used them in my daily life by subscribing to my monthly newletter. As a special gift, I’ll include a 20 video series ( 1 a day, like the vitamins!) showing how I’ve used these tools in my own life, and how you can too!

As I streamline this site, I will be adding links to free downloads of classes in different languages on different subjects.