Healing Abuse

Through the tools of Access Consciousness, I have discovered an entirely new way to look at abuse.  What if no one were ever a victim?

What if abuse, heinous as it often is, were the result of a choice made by the person receiving the abuse?  Would that make the recipient powerless, or powerful?  These questions may seem perplexing or even maddening, and I’m sure they’re not something you have ever heard before.  But close your eyes and sense your whole body and being.  Do you feel a little lightness creeping into your being as a result of these questions?  That lightness is an indication that there’s something here, something true, for you.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to buy anything I say–I would like you to know what’s true for you.  And that lightness is an indication of what’s true for you.  The resources below give you a background on this way of thinking about abuse that may add some clarity and relief for you that you may not have found anywhere else.


Products listed on this page include Linda Wasil’s book


and the MP3 recording Healing the Trauma of abuse through the Access shop.

Special bonus!  You can listen to me interview the author of Beyond the Stigma of Abuse here.

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The Abuse Hold

One of the many tools available through Access Consciousness is The Abuse Hold.  It’s a process which is done in person, which has the effect of taking the effects of physical abuse, from this lifetime or any lifetime, out of the body.

When you have listened to the MP3 at least 30 times, it is then possible to do a physical session which takes the physical affects of abuse, during this lifetime or past lifetimes, out of your body.  Listening to the MP3 at least 30 times is mandatory before this session can be provided. This physical session must be done in person, and can be scheduled anywhere the world that I am.

Some testimonials about the abuse hold can be heard below.

Ivanka abuse hold testimonial

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