Relationships: You could just buy the book!

I did a dynamic evening class yesterday on relationships–all kinds of relationships. Relatinships with an adult daughter dying of cancer, relationship with money, relationships at work. It’s an 1- 1/4 hours of live interaction on the issues that make most people’s lives difficult. It can be yours for just $125 U.S. Use this link on PayPal and I’ll send it right over.

What I also notice is how much more information is in my book The Little Black Book on Relationships, than I could cover in an evening or even a weekend. It’s all in there–6 ways people ruin their relationships (the 6 don’ts) and 6 things they don’t do that they should (the 6 do’s) based on my 30 years of marriage to my husband David Caddy. If you don’t want to wait you can boogie on over to and pick up a copy. Your life and relationships will never be the same!