Relationships: Sharing my feelings at the Taj Hotel Mumbai

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel MumbaiThe Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai is worth travelling to see. As I wrote on Facebook the first time I came here, if there’s no chance of your marrying Harry, then this may be your best chance to be treated like royalty. And now there’s no chance for any of us to marry Ha

It’s sumptuous, gorgeous, and incredibly staffed with people who provide excellent service, sometimes to a fault. (That would look like a call at 9 p.m. when I’d already been asleep for an hour due to jet lag, withhousekeeping asking if there was anything I needed. Yes. Not to be disturbed…)

Earlier in the day as the room was being made up and I popped back for something, the supervisor of the housekeeper inquired if everything was all right, was I comfortable, and 5 other similar questions.

The room had actually been too cold the night before. It was over 100 degrees F today, so the 70 degrees F it was set at actually had me huddling under my downy.

I made the mistake of telling the supervisor this. I had already handled the problem by locating the thermostat and adjusting it upwards. But for some
reason, perhaps because he asked so obligingly, I blurted out that it was too cold the previous night.

Being a man, with his livelihood in this most populous nation dependent on pleasing guests, he offered several times, “As you were too cold, can I bring you a blanket?”

Silly me! Of course he would respond and try to fix it. That’s how men respond to women. Rather than fighting it or resisting, we women should acknowledge that’s how it works. We could even use it to our advantage if we were willing to be realistic
enough and not die-hard romantics. Men will always respond to our “feelings” by trying to fix them. Why share them if that’s not what you’re after?

If you want to share your feelings, get a girlfriend (or a blog!). Otherwise, only tell men what they can comfortably hear, and everyone will get along better.

That’s why one of the 6 Don’ts in creating a relationship that’s easy and fun is: Don’t Share Your Feelings! Now you know!

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