What if Recovering from Lost Love Were Easier than You Imagined?

It would be nice if we could all float through life without losing anything we cared about, but how likely is that to happen?  Life has its way of throwing us curveballs and do we ever feel ready for them?  Healing the grief of past lost loves, whatever the cause of the loss was, can significantly limit our ability to form relationships in the present.

It’s not what happens to us–everyone experiences loss at some time, but it’s what we do with it.  A high school friend of mine told me she felt sorry for me because both of my parents passed away when I was a young adult–I was 26 when my mother passed away, and 32 when my father passed away.  This pity was especially surprising to me since her own father died in the summer between our junior and senior years of high school, and her mother, though still alive, was one of the stingiest meanest most judgmental and negative people I ever met.  Yes, she was still alive if you call that living!

My husband David and I are often grateful that our parents chose to leave when they did, because we see so many people our age whose lives are limited and burdened by caring for aging parents, often for years and years and years, and at the expense of creating their own lives.

Being “orphaned” at a relatively young age had the effect for me of adding to my life.  There was no inheritience to wait for, no one’s approval to gain.  It was viscerally clear to me from the time my parents died that what I have in life, I create.  This created a tremendous sense of freedom in my life, and the motivation to go for whatever I desired.  I have created a life that’s pretty amazing so far, and how much better can it get?

But what if this isn’t your experience with grief?  I just heard about a new book which may be very helpful to you.  It’s called Bouncing Back from Loss: How to Learn from Your Past, Build the Present, and Transform Your Future. It has its own facebook page already:  facebook.com/boucingback, but it won’t be  available until Wednesday, March 16.  I’ve contributed a bonus to her promotion of her book on that day, which is a recording of the first of the four classes in my teleclass, Finding Mr. Wonderful and Keeping Him.

It’s very relevant to the area of grief and loss, because that’s something that keeps us from being in the present and having what we’d really like here and now.  That’s exactly where I started my Mr. Wonderful class.  You can get a copy of that free when you buy Donna Marie’s book on Wednesday.  You’ll save some money, contribute to Donna’s work, and learn some useful information to help you get on with your life as well.  How does it get even better than that?

I don’t know for sure, but I’m assuming her book will be on Amazon.com on Wednesday. If you require more information, send me an email at accesstheuniverse@nullyahoo.com, or send me a face book message.

What are the infinite possibilities?

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