What’s wrong with attraction?

Do you find yourself attracted to someone you think is “Mr. Right” or “Ms. Right” only to find out they’re very
wrong–but perhaps very familiar–again and again?

What if you allowed your body to show you who would be attractive to you?

WARNING: when you do this, you will probably be surprised. The people your body desires to receive nurturing from may not look like your “target market.” If it’s someone out of your league–too old or too young, “wrong” sex, or whatever–ask what the energy of that person is, and ask what it would take to
find someone in your range to show up.

WARNING: If you find yourself constantly rejecting someone who’s “not your type” you might ask
if that typing is really serving you. Or are you excluding someone who would be very satisfying if
only you got over your fixed points of view about what your type was?

Here’s a video of someone who did my classes, used this tool, and a few short months later (like 2) she
established a relationship with someone she’s still with (and has a new baby with, too, by the way, if that’s on your wish list).

You can always check www.drkaciecrisp.accessconsciousness.com to find out my latest offerings of the classes Sarah took–Bars through Level 1. I offer them all over the world, Findhorn and London are my latest offerings in July.

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