What’s wrong with me? He hasn’t called!

Here’s a recent face book post: Help, dealing with a dear soul (man) who for going on 3 days now hasn’t responded to any text or phone call…….left in the unknown, I keep trying to release, allow & maintain the higher dimension yet tears are coming now & I wish I knew what was going on……I feel it bringing me vibrationally down ….. Light please ….ahhhh. How can I see & feel thing differently???

Such a common source of  angst…where do I begin to add some clarity here?

One of our 6 Do’s for a Relationship that’s Easy and Fun is to remember EVERYTHING your partner does is just an interesting point of view.  What does that mean?  It means he’s just being him for whatever reason.  It could be he didn’t think of it, lost his cell phone, was temporarily drowned in a hurricane, or had something else happening in his life that had nothing to do with you.  Imagine that!

I know of a woman who wrote a scathing email to a hot prospect because she emailed him and HE DID NOT RESPOND for 7 whole hours!  Clearly he did not care about her.  AFTER she wrote the scathing email that ended the relationship, she found out that he had been having dinner with his son to celebrate the son’s graduation.  This same woman was probably looking for a man who was family oriented.  Just an example….

Whatever anyone chooses to do, they are being them.  If who they are is who you desire a relationship with, then why would you waste timing judging what their choice was?  Is their job to live their live and have you as an addition to it, or is it for them to BE your life.  Or more likely, for YOU to BE their life.  It may be at the top of the list of what you desire, but I guarantee you would be so quickly bored with someone whose whole life revolved around you.

What makes you so insecure in your relationship that you have to have the constant assurance of someone calling you back?  Was the time you had with him great fabulous terrific?  If it was, and he doesn’t call back, is he smart and perceptive enough for you to waste your time on.  If it wasn’t great together, then why the angst about why he doesn’t call you back?

Just an interesting way of looking at things that might cut out some of the tears, trauma and drama.  If that would be of interest to you.

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