Wow! That was fun!

I did the first call of How to Meet Mr. Wonderful and Keep Him on Tuesday.

did you ever plan for something, know it could be great, and have it show up THAT GREAT? What a fabulous feeling!
I loved the call (and the changes it can create in the lives of people listening to it) so much, I sent it to my whole mailing list. For free! Even though my subscribers paid for their copies! You lucky looks, you won’t be so lucky next time! ONLY subscribers will get the next three 90 minute calls. The good news is you can subscribe now and get to participate, ask questions, and be part of the fun! What would it take? Here’s what a couple of people listening to the call said: A graduate student in literature from Paris wrote:

The tele call was great! Thank you. I realized that I’m not willing to receive love, somehow I find it obliging… My life is changing dynamically and i started to write a journal “The fun of being conscious” where I put down amazing things that happen to me and my friends through access. And a professional coach from England wrote:

Thank you so much for your invite and for the download of the first class. Riveting particularly as I see how much is so true. My boyfriend moved in 6 weeks ago, and while it has it’s interesting moments (he had a mini-breakdown just before he moved in as a result of coming out of his marriage, divorce, moving house, leaving his kids and the cat – none of which was to do with me by the way! but wondering why I would choose that!!!) we are having a fun and sweet time. And so much is amazingly different from any other relationship I have ever had before. You are right, I thought the relationship was the answer to everything, but in fact it is just in conjunction with the rest of my life so is fun and enjoyable and sexy and with great communication.

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